Running Gear You Can't Live Without!

What I love most about running is that it costs practically nothing to do.  As long as you have a decent pair of shoes, you can take off like Forrest Gump!

BUT!!!!!!  I never can do that--I can't just take off for a run with my running shoes on...can you?!  I have to have my Samsung Gear Fit Pro on my wrist to track my run/steps and music in my ears.  Then, all is right with my world!

I have to admit that I am a short distance runner - no longer than a 5K.  So, I don't need to carry fuel, and I can leave water in my car.

Which got me to thinking.  What running gear do you absolutely need to get through a run???  What's your favorite must-have item on your runs?

Please share your list of gear with me below!